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Refuel also offers one-to-one personal training, delivered by founder Kayle Isaacs. Passionate about health and fitness, Kayle will first seek to understand your goals and aspirations, then sit with you to discuss a plan of action to achieve those goals.

Kayle will work with you, offering professional support, training and nutritional advice and high quality coaching. Kayle will always seek to encourage and push you forwards towards the attainment of your goals.

What We Offer





RE-Fuel Personal Training ran by Re-Fuel owner and founder Kayle Isaacs offers bespoke one-to-one personal training.

It is my role as an exercise professional to meet my clients where they are and provide the advice, support and guidance on the path towards their goals.

As a coach I have experience coaching clients with weight loss, fitness and performance related goals. I am an advocate for the tremendous mental health benefits that comes as a direct result of exercise.

My clients would say that I am positive, upbeat, energetic and encouraging.

I have worked with clients with various levels of fitness and exercise or gym experience. It is my belief that health and fitness is a book that we are all reading as we progress through life. I also believe that we read from different chapters and paragraphs but essentially it is the same book. I use this analogy as a metaphor to articulate the transferability and connection between both the mental and physical aspects of exercise.

It matters not if you run, climb, box, swim, or lift weights! Whichever form of physical expression you enjoy your are sure to tap into the tremendous benefits available for all of us.


If you want to challenge your fitness, have fun, learn in an encouraging group environment then Fighting Fit is the class for you.

Fighting Fit Circuits and Fighting fit non contact boxing are classes ran by both Kayle Isaacs and fellow coach and former royal Marine Sam Logan.

Fitness is a continual progression of both your physical and mental health by going to a place of being uncomfortable time after time. Once you become comfortable with being uncomfortable, this is the point that the fun begins!


Learning the basic fundamentals of boxing is an excellent way to stay in shape and have fun.

I believe it is important to enjoy your chosen form of training, boxing pad work is both stimulating, challenging and fun!

The pad work sessions are no different to any other sessions I deliver in that they too are tailored with an emphasis on correct technique. This means if you don’t believe yourself to be particularly fit or “good” we can start where you are and improve.

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