Welcome to Re-Fuel

Healthy Eating Cafe and Personal Training in Wirral

Re-Fuel is a brand driven to inspire a healthy and nutritious lifestyle with the aim of leaving a lasting positive impact on all of those that choose to access the products and services we offer our customers. We offer this at our healthy eating cafe and through our tailored personal training services in Wirral.

If you are tired of walking alone in the dark, uncertain of the necessary steps to take towards your health and fitness goals then Re-Fuel has the answer!

Where to find us

About Re-Fuel

Nutrition – We care about what goes in your body!

We offer delicious nutritionally balanced food which is convenient and can be tailored to your individual goals, not forgetting to mention our food is also pleasing to your taste buds!

Training – Working with you to make a difference to your body and mind!

We offer first class personal training with founder and fitness enthusiast Kayle Isaacs. No matter where you are in your health and fitness journey, he will first seek to fully understand your goals and ambitions. Then work with you towards building a healthier, stronger, fitter and happier version of you!

We pride ourselves in building lasting and fruitful relationships!

Founder Spotlight

I am Kayle Isaacs a South African born fitness enthusiast, coach and entrepreneur. I am extremely passionate about working with individuals striving towards their individual progressive goals.

I believe that health and fitness is a book that we all pick up read throughout our lifetime, I also believe that we all read from different chapters and evolve overtime. It is my vision to help my clients and customers tap into the tremendous psychological and physical benefits that come from cultivating a strong mind and body connection through exercise.

Kayle Isaacs


If you are looking for a Personal Trainer then I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Kayle.

He will first of all get to know you by listening to what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it, then work with you to push forward and reach your targets.

Paul Smith

Food is absolutely fab, fully trackable as well.
You can order in advance, do your workout and have your order ready for you – it’s perfect!

Cafe is open to anyone as well, not just members!

Sharon Kaur